What are you running for?

Run Barefoot is a team of runners and walkers uniting to support the mission and vision of Barefoot Republic Camp.  When we run, we are changing a child’s life by providing scholarship support for hundreds of youth in need of financial assistance to attend Barefoot Republic Camp.  Participants are comprised of volunteers, supporters, and friends that represent various churches, schools, corporations and organizations in middle-Tennessee and beyond that compete with and against each other in the Country Music Marathon’s half and full marathon. 

The Cause

Barefoot Republic is a multicultural, Christ-centered camping platform that celebrates diversity and builds unity through our artistic, athletic and team-building programs for rising K-12th graders.  According to the American Camp Association, there are over 12,000 summer camps in United States.  To date, Barefoot is the only Christ-centered camp purposely designed to unite students from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Barefoot feels this is a unique opportunity to experience the Gospel and capture a glimpse of Heaven. 

Our artistic, athletic and team-building programs create a level playing field and build cross-cultural relationships between youth from radically different backgrounds that forever impact our camper’s biblical worldview.  As they learn more about God’s creation, this transforming experience broadens their understanding of God’s character to the point that it is impossible to ever look at someone from a different background the same.  These truths are carried in the hearts and minds of students back to their churches, schools and communities where Barefoot has witnessed young people not only impacting their peers, but also their parents.

For more information visit  www.runbarefootnow.com